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Understand Data Around Your Gearbox Failures

Do you know the average lifespan of your gearboxes after an installation?

- How long does it take for them to leak oil?

- Where are the gearboxes most prone to leak oil?

- When do the desiccant breathers require changing?

- What is the rate of oil consumption during normal or heavy operating loads?

- Where are the temperature hot spots in the gearbox?

- What are normal or abnormal operating temperatures?

- How long until a gearbox starts making atypical operating noises?

- How long until there are base or support issues?

Answers to these questions and more are comprehensively recorded and trended in our preferred MAINTelligence Software. As a result, data captured from performing Employee Driven Reliability (EDR) on your assets allows for highly detailed failure analysis. Occasionally this also leads to the discovery of performance improvement recommendations for an equipment supplier’s product.

When this occurs, EDR routes can be customized to empower companies with the ability to perform comprehensive monitoring of new equipment installations or trials. Inspections can be tailored to accommodate for the capturing of unique data or frequencies required only on these specific cases. Any information obtained can then be shared with suppliers. We also recommend keeping the Inspectors informed by giving updates on these trials. It is important to continuously reinforce the successes of the program by communicating how data gathered is used to improve a site.


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