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To develop and implement asset based reliability initiatives for our client's facilities while effectively engaging the workforce.

Who We Are

We are a Canadian based consulting firm primarily focused on working with our clients to reduce unexpected equipment downtime by improving asset reliability. We uniquely mentor facilities through both the technical and cultural aspects of their project initiatives. 

Our company offers over 40 years of reliability expertise combined with certification from Prosci (ADKAR) Change Management.

Asset Management

Our company has been experience implementing reliability focused initiatives in a variety of industries. From small to large scale initiatives, we have been involved in national and regional projects.  Reliability should be a focal point of a business from day one, but it is also never too late to start. We have experience establishing reliability-based initiatives for brand new and pre-existing facility implementations. 

Our advantage over competitors is our trademarked "Rapid Deployment RCM Strategy." RCMrd™ ensures you know the condition of your assets early into the implementation of our program.

Change In The Workforce

Our world is forever changing. Your company should be changing with it. 


The longer you refrain from change, the harder it will be to initiate a cultural shift in your employees. With our ADKAR certification, we specialize in employee driven change initiatives within a workforce. Our projects maintain their success and sustainability in large part due to our focus on workplace culture.  

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