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Industrial Inspections

Our primary clients over the last 20+ years have been industrial companies. This includes leaders in pulp and paper, oil and gas, mining, and more. Just some of the tracking and inspection capabilities of our programs are listed below:

Rotating Equipment

- Running equipment inspections​

          - Bearing temperatures

          - Audible conditions

          - Visual assessments

- Down day preventative maintenance (PMs)

- Lubrication routes

          - Scheduling equipment

          - Tracking quantities

          - Field sampling

Mobile Equipment

- Preventative maintenance

- Odometer/hour tracking

- Servicing history

- Safety inspections

- Operator inspections

Non-Destructive Testing

- Vibration monitoring

- Thermography capabilities

- Ultrasonic testing

- Lubrication sampling

Online Data

- Process data

- Equipment temperatures

- Pressure readings

- Motor amperage

- Sample results

- Stored in one location

Employee Driven Reliability

- Employee accountability and ownership

- Create and maintain standardization of inspections

- Minimize unplanned maintenance

- Shift workplace culture from reactive to proactive

- Identify underperforming assets

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