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Operations and Reliability

Operation crews are responsible for inspecting assets of a site. Unfortunately, these inspections can be informal or the captured data is not documented in an effective manner. This can lead to miscommunications, increased down time, and higher maintenance costs. By implementing our program, clients are empowered to understand the condition of their assets. Detailed reliability-based asset inspections capture all equipment operating data so performance can be understood and monitored. Although completely customization to suit each individual site, most inspection routes take less than an hour each day. The detail captured is significantly more detailed and accurate than traditional operational inspections. Data gathered will reveal:

- early equipment failure indicators

- a history of asset performance

- ways to reduce maintenance costs

- ways to increase plant production

Additionally, any online monitoring of equipment can be brought into MAINTelligence to create one central hub for all site performance data. To understand the benefits of this program, imagine if you could confidently answer the following questions:

Are operators in your plants performing reliability based inspections on your assets or are they just "kicking tires"?

How much time formally, do you think you Operators are performing Asset Inspections everyday during a shift?

Are they recording the inspection data so you can track your Asset Performance over time?

Do you have all your Critical assets set up for Online Monitoring?

Let us show you how to create more recognition for your most valuable resources- Your Employees!


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