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Effectively Identify Early Failure Indicators

After the implementation of Employee Driven Reliability (EDR) Routes at a worksite, a newfound understanding of asset condition is established. Commonly, this results in the identification of early failure indicators which were previously unreported or unnoticed. Such indicators can include:

- Gauges which are non-functional

- Assets with oil leaks

- Bearings at high temperature

- Motors at high temperature

- Drive belts that are loose or missing

- Pump packing which is leaking

Many of these issues can be addressed quickly by maintenance and operations teams. EDR not only empowers personnel with the ability to effectively identify failure indicators, it also encourages the development of proactive practices for resolving the issues. Shifting from a reactive to proactive culture can be difficult and uncomfortable for many workplaces. As a result, we work with clients to establish both technical and cultural programs for their EDR implementation. After all, it is cheaper to proactively tighten pump packing than reactively replace bearings contaminated by the leaking fluids.


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